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Follow me on Twitter animations

A sweet little animated bluebird for a twitter button

twitter button animatedI tried twitter, it a good idea but I just did not have the time to keep updating it. Maybe when I retire I may return to it again and even use one of the animated follow me buttons I have created. The bird was originally designed by Tom Fry, better known as Tommy Tight pants, a very good artist, designer and musician so that it could be used used by us as an Easter chick animation but we think he makes a good twitter follow me animation as well. I have also used some of my 3D models to create some other unusual animated buttons, they will certainly bring attention to your twitter account.

follow me on twitter button
Animated follow me button
follow me on twitter animation
follow mre on twitter cube
follow me on twitter box
follow me on twitter badge

Download to your computer first

Follow me on Twitter buttons. Some twitter buttons that are a little different. You will need to upload the animation to your website or blog and add your link manually. Sadly I do not have enough bandwidth to spare to allow hosting of this animated button on our server. A look around this website will explain why, so many good quality but quite high resolution animations are a drain on the bandwidth just to display. Of course, if you have ideas for other animated twitter buttons let me know, there are a lot to be found so something original is difficult to find.

These animations have a transparent background and work best on a light coloured background