All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D animated stars for use on dark and light backgrounds

Stars made with CAD software

star pulserThese stars are a dead give away that we use 3D software to make our animations. The third one was a challenge because I needed to thread two triangles together but I do like the end result. I have four solid stars in all and have also made some smaller and faster rotating versions of the larger ones. I have also experimented with a couple of animations on a black background that were not made with CAD software.
Maybe I should add the more traditional twinkling star animation but you do find so many good twinkle animations on the internet that I may not bother.

star for black background small spinning star star animation black background animated small star magical  star black background magic star colored star black background multi colored star
star animation animated 3d star animated christian fish multi colored star light background
animated star for dark backgound star animation for dark background animated star for black bacground multi colored star

These animations have a transparent background.

star burstAll the stars with a black background actually have a transparent animation background and can be used on any dark colored webpage. If you try to use them on a light colored background you will get a nasty dark halo around them.
Use the other selection of animations that I have placed on a white background if you intend to place them on a light colored web page. The stars that are absolute top and bottom actually have a black background with no transparency.