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Animated puzzles, silly things from my past.

Nostalgic nonsense

starHouseWhen I made these I was just looking at one at a time, with all of them on one page it really is quite confusing and it takes some doing just to concentrate on one. This goes to show that if you are going to put these on any web page it will be best to put only one on or have plenty of text in between. Something that is original, a little daft and that you will not find in any other animated puzzle collection on the internet

These are some of the little puzzles we used to do when I was at school fifty five years ago. The rectangle divided into five ( below ) has been haunting me for all those years because I have never solved it. My older brother was serving in the REME and was in Germany when he saw it on TV. He said that it was solved because a big cash prize was offered. He has always been a wind up and I honestly think it cannot be solved. The other three were things we used to do at school when the teacher was not looking. The two small puzzles above just being a bit of fun and easy to solve if you know how. The gas, electric and water always left one house without water gas or electricity. This is a little nostalgic nonsense from me.

animated puzzle
gas, electric, water
Good luckAll these animated puzzles are animated gifs and can be downloaded like any other animation and then uploaded to your blog or website.
I really enjoyed making these, it was something different from my usual sort of thing and I had to concentrate more on traditional graphic work rather than the 3D modeling that I normally do. Have fun, and if you have a use for them I will be amazed.