All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated pictures.CAD models converted to animated gifs

I can add any image into one of these pictures

animated butterflyIt is quite easy to add a jpeg image to any one of these animated pictures. The hard work was making the original 3D model of the picture frame and I have made a few here. I added a photograph, some well known oil paintings and a water colour of our daughter that I did about 30 years ago. My technique is not a normal water colour practice because I tend to use a lot of white paint rather than relying on the density of the paint but people seem to like the end results. I rarely use a pen, pencil or paintbrush these days because computer graphics have taken over, especially animations, and most people seem to like them

animated mona lisa picture
Christmas picture
animated king tut picture
animted female cube
Taj Mahal picture with candle
abstract picture

Even some of my water colour work

I was given a free hand to make anything I wanted to and these animated pictures are the result. You may have a use for them, but if you do not, you will find many more useful animations on this website. If it is not the right sort of animation you are looking for browse our links on the right hand side and you may just find what you are looking for.

The baby girl in the oval frame is a water colour of my daughter that I painted many years ago and wanted to show it off.
The nativity and Taj Mahal pictures have used a technique I really like. The picture frame and candle is a 3D model that I constructed and then rendered several times with different light settings. The flickering candle animation was then added separately in the animation editing software.