All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated gifs using photographs

Photographs that I have animated by Drachma

candle light effect animationanimated mountain viewWe have a Flash blog and the old clown fish animation was accepted by a Creative blog
gallery called Gallery no 3. It was on this blog that I saw some of Drachmas work, brilliant photographs and I was so impressed that I asked him if I could use some of his work to make animations. He agreed and the photograph animations are a combination of our work. The photograph of India is enhanced by the candle in front. The mountains with the reflection effect was the simplest to make as I used a free reflection program that you can download from the internet

A fantastic collection of Photographs are available at Photos by Drachma

Photographs by Angela AMP

rotating cube
Sunset at sea reflection
Candle and cat

Animated by Sevenoaksart

I have combined some really good photography from Angela Amp with animation techniques to produce some unusual animated photographs. Once again the reflection program has produced a good animation from her sunset at sea photograph and the picture of her cat has been displayed in a frame and highlighted with the candle effect. The cube with her flower photographs applied is a very basic animation to make but one that I like every much. Sometimes these simple techniques will produce some very good results and it is an animation I have used to display some of my friends profile pictures on Google+. If you keep the animation size to 150 x 150 you can even add the animation to your profile page in the scrapbook section. I have done this on my profile page.