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welcomeMy site was not well treated by the first Google panda algorithm update and I suffered in the search engine ratings. The penguins have not been that good to me either but It does not stop me making more animations. Fortunately this is not a business and just a hobby so the people who suffered were those that could not find this website ( Well at least I like to think so anyway ).

This gave me the inspiration to make the dangerous animated panda and added him to our search engine page. Once I had done this I wondered what to do with the rather nice panda model I had made.

This page is the end result using some of the other bits and pieces I had already made like the pirates hat, umbrella, moped and opening box. The animated panda cube was made with an image from a very good copyright free image and photograph collection website called wpclipart

animated panda with sword
panda animated cube
panda with gun and sword
panda riding a moped
animated panda in a box
animated panda singing in the rain

Not a very large file size

Its strange that I should get inspiration from from what is basically a disaster as many people will now not find this website so easily but I must admit that I am rather pleased with these animated pandas. I am not sure but I think with so much black and white in these animations it seems to cut down on the file size, if this is the case it is no bad thing as many gif animations you find on the internet these days can be a colossal size. The moped is based on the one I drive around the village I live in, sadly I was pulled by a couple of coppers in a police car that I nearly collided with and reprimanded for wearing my leather flying helmet that I acquired from ebay. I now have to abide by the law and wear a crash helmet.