All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D Animated monkey gifs

Just one CAD model usedMonkey at desk

Just one CAD model used for all these monkey animations. Rotating points given to arms , legs, and head to make the cheeky monkey move. I also drew a toilet brush, computer, desk, office chair and lamp shade to complete the work. Things like the bananas, toilet and Fender guitar I already had in my model library. It is possible now I have made the monkey that more animations will appear on this site. The international chimps are just a beginning.

I cannot guarantee the music and singing is the best in the world but the guitar playing monkey certainly looks very cool.

The three wise monkey animation is the last one added.

monkey sitting on toilet animation monkey swinging on a lamp Monkey giving a two banana salute
Monkey with goggles on nonkey with gramophone monkey with microphone
monkey with guitar 3 wise monkeys Monkey do

British monkey bananas monkey with bananas monkey in toilet animation monkey arrow acorn Panda monkeynut Palm tree banana

My sister looks like a monkey

Group of monkeysI got the inspiration for these monkeys from my sister Wendy. Not saying that she looks like a chimp but when she walks down the street people are always giving her bananas.

Her husband Roy sometimes wonders why there are so many in the fruit bowl but because he is partial to a big ripe banana he never complains. Come to think of it nobody ever complains to Wendy, if she gets really angry she has been known to attack with a plastic lemonade bottle. (She was once charged by the police for Grievous bodily harm with an offensive weapon).

Indian monkey
English monkey
American monkey

Once monkey ringI have made a CAD drawing of something it can be used over and over again, viewed from different angles and made to animate. These International Monkeys are just a small example of the versatility of the software we use. Years ago we started off with just one little teddy animation, it was based on a little teddy bear that I still have sitting on my desk, the teddy now has many animations made of him getting up to all sorts of tricks and we even have a big collection of International teddies similar to the monkey ones here. Of course with such a large website and a lot to keep up to date finding the time is a big problem but Dot always says that this hobby keeps me out of the pub.

The links below are monkeys that are proud to represent their country.

American Australia Austrian
Belgium Canada Chinese
Cypriot Danish Dutch
Egypt El Salavador European
Finland French German
Hungarian Indian Irish
Israel Italian Japanese
Mexican Honduras N Zealand
Norway Pakistan Puerto Rico
Philippines Pirate Polish
Quebec Scottish Slovakia
South Africa Swedish Swiss
Ulster Welsh