All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated link buttons for blogs and web sites

Link button for your webpage or ask for it to be placed on another blog.

These buttons were specifically made as animated link back buttons for blogs click for information about them.

It is possible to use an online image editing program to add your text - click here

The middle yellow link button below with Flash Animations is a link to our blog if you click it. This is how these link buttons will work and you can put them on your webpages as we have done here or ask for them to be placed on your friends blogs. It is a simple matter to add the text of your choice in the blank space that I have left.

windmill link back button Our link back button Dalek link button
Wheel barrow link button yellow button butterfly link button
teddy link button animated monkey button animated penguin link button
Blue bird blank kitten and butterfly robin link button

Use any of our animations from this website

These animated link buttons are another example of using any graphic from my web site and modifying it. This collection is growing as I get different requests. If you have have the software or want to use an online image editor to do this we encourage you to do the same. The only restriction I put on using our work is adding our animations to other online collections. Suggestions for new buttons welcome and if you are really struggling to add a blog name to any of these send us an email and we will help (Time permitting)