All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Houses, 3D CAD models rendered and rotated

I even have a lighthouse

arrowI used Schroff Silverscreen 3d modeler to make all the animations on this webpage. The 3D drawings, except for the light house, are classic examples of how the program is normally used. I'm the exception to the rule because I go one step further and utilise some of the features that were never meant to be used to create animations, something I discovered more by accident than intentionally and this website is the result. The animations are sharper and more defined than most other animations made in the more traditional software for creating similar models. The different textures on the animated houses show the versatility of Artlantis, the software I use to colour the models and add more life to bring out a better 3D effect. In fact the shader library is so big I could virtually make the houses with any brickwork, roofing and timber type.

little house with red roof
animated cartoon house
animated hotel
animated big house with veranda
animated  lighthouse
animated spiral stair case

Sketchup models

blue arrowThe staircase was made originally as a sketchup model and can be found in the collection of models in the Google Sketchup Warehouse. I currently have one door model running high in the popular model list with nearly 750,000 downloads. Not exactly an animated house but we just wanted an excuse to show it off.

The animated light house was an afterthought, it is a house after all and was made from a photograph using one of the free reflection programs available on the internet, I have used this program on several occasions and the backgrounds to my flags is one good example.