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Looking for new 3d software

WindmillWe live in a small village called Borough Green and it is very close to Sevenoaks hence the name of our website. When we first started up the site we actually lived in Sevenoaks but property prices are very expensive and we got better value for money in our little village.
On reflection we probably should have called our site something like Sevenoaks animated gifs but when we first started the idea was to just show of some of our Artwork. Animations came afterwards. We are both Londoners who have moved out into the sticks and really enjoy country life apart from fox hunting which we are pleased to see has now been banned. We are restricted to a certain extent to just how and what we can animate in the software we are using. It may be time to try new software. Possibly something like 3ds max or anything that can animate a 3D model without too much hassle. If anyone has any good ideas on good software let us know. We do not really keep abreast of modern trends in the CAD world. Of course if a software manufacturer wants to supply us with their software free in return for some credit given to them if the animations are placed on this site please contact us