All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated gifs available in alphabetical order D to I

Some great guitar animations

angel animations Gif animations available on our website from D to I. Original free animations made by Dot and Dave, copyright free and for use on your blogs and web pages. Anything from Divorce to ipod animations The animated Fender guitar originally an animation requested by Stan Laundon but since then we have made a lot more special ones, nearly all from requests, and many with special colours or graphics added. If you see any animation on our website and you think it would look better with a different graphic or texture added we can do this, a small donation into our PayPal account is always appreciated. It may take a little time because this website is just a hobby and Dave makes his animations when he feels in the mood. Our flag collection is a typical example of how a different texture can be added, not only countries and counties etc but just about any graphic or message can be rendered onto them.

We have a good selection of original 3D animations and have even uploaded a lot of our models to Google Sketchup so that you can experiment with them in the the free program by Google called sketchup. I have had a lot of fun with this program and found that it very easy to get very realistic 3D drawings with very little effort involved.