All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D Animated chairs

Animated office, garden and lounge chairs

animated rocking chairA lot of work went into making the original 3D drawings for these animated chairs so we did not need much of an excuse to make them into animations. Our software is specifically made for constructing models like these but the animation techniques are limited to a spin or a swing. The garden chair was made because of my experience in the wrought iron trade when I was younger. The models here are more use as components to put into a room you have designed in Google Sketchup, a free CAD program you can download, draw with and use thousands of models created by people like me.

office chair animation garden chair egg chair
animated sofa modern chair animated wooden chair
Blue lounge chair Red modern chair simple chair
Green chair dining chair lay back chair

Made from sketchup models

You can find some of these chairs as sketchup models in our collection in the Google Sketchup warehouse

This page gives an excuse to post a rather sad joke.
You ask "Did you break that chair " and the answer should be "What chair"
You reply "wotcha" (Old English greeting meaning what cheer be with you)

Similar to me asking "have you any smatter", reply should be "what's matter"

Your response would be "Nothing is the matter"

No guarantee that you will get the required response and at the end of the day is it really worth the effort