All animations created by Dave Sutton

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How often have you wanted to bump a posting you have made on a forum (To bump means posting something maybe totally irrelevant to get it to the top of the thread) It is something that is not always appreciated by some forums or notice boards. I have made a small collection of bump animations that will help you do this and could actually bring attention to the posting rather than a simple bump message. Use them in moderation as I would not like to feel responsible for making you unpopular on any of the forums. You will need to check if you can post a gif animation and sometimes the only way is to upload the animation to a free photo hosting website and then link to it.

bump animation
animated bump balloons
balloon bump
Pleas make a comment animation
bump animated cube
bump key animation

All made by Sevenoaks Art

Bump animations and please leave a comment microphone constructed using Silverscreen Cad program, Artlantis renderer, Paint Shop Pro and Jasc animation shop. These animations can be used in any project apart from adding them to website collections of animated gifs. I'm proud of the fact that every thing here is made by me and it is my prerogative to display them for people to use.