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Animated avatar for forums... 100 x 100px

A small collection of avatars but YOU can make more

animated tut avavtarMany of the animated graphics on this site can be used as avatars. In most case you will have to resize the gif but this is quite easy to do with the ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR and you can make them any size that you want.
I have made a small collection here ready for you to download but if you are looking for that special graphic you may find an animation on this website that may suit.
The image unavailable is a classic example of an animation ready to be converted into an avatar. I do not mind if you modify or resize any of my creations but do not add them to another collection on the internet. If you have a problem resizing any of my graphics just send me an email and I should be able to help you. Some forums specify a pixel size and max file file size, in most cases I can work to that criteria

blue bottle avatar British Teddy animated avatar apple avatar beer avatar
animated football avatar ying yang avatar angel fish animated avatar animated spider avatar
Bollywood-avatar fairy avatar animated candle avatar animated avatar chestnut

Download the animation to your computer

Many forums will not store an animated avatar for you so you will need to resize one of our animations and upload it to an image hosting website so that you can set up a link to it. Our server does not permit hotlinking so you cannot copy and paste any of our animations and expect them to work on your forum. You will need to download the animation, resize it and then upload it to something like picasa to be able to display it.