All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated hugs, cyber hugs for everyone

Yes this is me, now that I have retired I can afford to let things go.

smelly hugWe all need a big hug at some time, especially a dirty smelly old man like myself. Maybe the fact that my nose is growing may tell you something but do not let that distract you.

I have made a strange and unusual collection of Hugs animations, it seems that many people on the internet, especially on some of the forums and places like Google+ like to receive a cyber hug so my animations can help you do this.

If you want to send me a cyber hug you can always find me on Google+ but I cannot blame you if you would rather refrain. All the animations here have been created by myself so if you decide to use any of them you are getting a brand new original animated gif that has not been passed around the internet a million times.

wot no hugs
bear hugs
spinning cube with hugs
box hugs
monkey hugs
animated locket with hugs

Loads of Cyber hugsspinning heart with hugs

All these hug animations made using 3D CAD models that I have made over the years. I have just modified them in my software and added things like text and different graphics.

Maybe the couple in the box are giving each other more than hugs but for the sake of decency I have kept them hidden. The teddy bears are giving a demonstration of a real bear hug and Chad (or Kilroy if you are British) must be feeling just a little lonely.
The monkey with the rose behind it's ear has been cropping up in a lot of my animations just lately because I have become quite fond of her as she bears a remarkable resemblance to my little sister. It is an easy animation to modify in my software package as well.