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Animated Epic images

I have noticed the word epic seems to crop up a lot on the internet.

epic smileyI opened up my 3D CAD software and made a few specials for this page and some have been made using existing 3D models. As usual all these animations are original and should not appear on any other animated gif collections on the internet unless some has scraped them. You can use my graphics in any manner you like apart from adding to online animation collections.

I could at some time add the variation "Epic fail" another phrase I seem to see when browsing , especially on Google+ where I'm a fairly active member but I will need to put some thought into what I could make for this.

epic spam epic typewriter epic monkey
epic text bounce flag with epic written on it spinning epic text

Even the Epic teddy bears get involved.

teddy bears with epic signThis teddy bear animation was created using one of the animated alphabets that you can download as a zip file. It is possible to make virtually any word you want using an online animation editor to place the separate letters together.

One of my favourite, the monkey had to make an appearance, he has been around for many years now and all I had to do was add the Epic 3D text. The CAD image is five separate models so each one has to be modified and positioned suitably for animation. It is an eight frame animation so three frames were repeated.

On my website you find many animations that are eight frames as it keeps the file size down and yet can still create a smooth running animation, in most cases I try to keep the file size below 100kb but occasionally you will find something a little bigger.