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My animated cover photo for Google+

All animations created here..

Google has now up dated their cover photo layout so all the old animated cover photos that I made now longer work correctly. The cover photo size used to be 940 x 180 px to achieve an animation and I had made a selection of animated gifs to suit allowing for the placement of your profile photograph, a face shot is required if you implement the authorship tags. The size required to get a good image with no pixilation through Google increasing the size of that image to suit the cover photo is 940 x 529 px. The smallest size image you can upload is 480 x 270 but you will get a pixilated effect if you use this size.

Take a look at my profile to see one of these cover photos in action.

animated cover photo

It's possible Google may change this format, this is the third update.

The dark grey strip at the bottom of this animation was to allow all my information which is written in white and my profile photograph to appear nicely. If you do not do this you will still get a nice grey gradient effect to show off the white text.
I have done this because I get a nice balance effect if someone searches for my profile while not logged into Google+ giving a grey boarder top and bottom.

At the moment I suspect but I'm not absolutely certain that if you upload a plain white image as your cover photo sized 480 x 270 on the FIRST attempt at upgrading your cover photo you will get just a nice plain cover photo 180 px high, with a nice grey gradient displaying your profile photo and information about you.

I presume you have ended up here because you belong to Google+ I think it is a great place to be, I can show off my animations to my hearts content, unlike facebook, and I have made many friends who have made many interesting suggestions for animations and ideas on how to improve my website