All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated candles, original burning candle animations

Trying a different technique in making animated gifs.

roses and candlesA break from years of tradition on SevenOaks Art. Some of these animated burning candles made from video footage. I particularly like this effect and it does not take a lot of hard work to create something like this. I spend hours making 3D models for nearly all my work and using video footage makes life a little easier. I have placed each animation on a black background.
Normally my work is created in a CAD modeling software program but some of these animations are videos captured on a Sony Cybershot. I set the candle up on my desk with a matt black background, carefully stood the camera in front of it and then started it in video mode. They are then edited and converted into an animated gif in Jasc animation Shop.

Each animated candle can be downloaded separately

animated candle - round blow the candle out candle nightlight animated candle
Christmas candles animated candle and picture Diwali candle long candle animation

Candle in front of a picture

spinning candleCandles NativityI love to experiment and develop our animations and the animations made from video footage could be the beginning beginning of a new range of animations, I have already done one of a robin feeding on our bird table and the spinning candle cube is my first tentative approach into making animations that combine 3d animated gifs and video footage. I will of course avoid the temptation to use video animations that are megabytes in size and keep to our policy of producing fast downloading high quality animated gifs.

I just had to add some of my favorite candle animations that has been used on other web pages. A candle in front of a photograph, a technique that I have used for Bollywood and Christmas animations as well.