All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D Animated bells

A combination of old and new 3D models used here

Lip stick and luscious lipsIn the teddy bear and gnome animations I have just added a hand bell and animated accordingly.
There are a couple of animations that you will also find on other webpages.
Getting the animation frame speed right for an animation like the alarm clock and electric bell is not so easy because some browser restrict the speed to .06 of a second and will display the ringing bell a little slower than I would prefer

Handbell Ring my bell teddy brass bells
Christmas bell Brass alarm clock Church bells
gnome with bells Silver bells electric bell

OK It's a strange bell. It's a cow bell

cow bellAs normal, some of my animations turn out looking a little strange so I have a tendency to post them at the bottom of my web pages. This cow bell is no exception but perhaps a passing farmer may take a liking to it.
All in all a strange and comprehensive collections of bells, anything from one for Christmas to some of my strange people and animals ringing a couple of hand bells.

This is one case where the ability to add a little sound to an animated gif would come in very handy