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Animated Animals, spiders, fish and many more

Bugs insects and all sorts of animals

Butterflie-insectsDiscover a wide range of animals, fish, insects and spider animated gifs by clicking the above links to other web pages
I spent days creating the fish animations and they look very good when placed in a Flash animated aquarium. The Teddy bears have a whole section devoted to many different nationalities with each teddy waving his national flag and wearing the national colours.
We have many butterflies, created from genuine photographs of each specie. The monkey animations could go the same way as the national proud bears because we have dressed some of them in the national flag as well. The tigers were one of our first 3D animations and there is room for a little improvement and English Members of Parliament were the inspiration for our original pig in a manger animations.
You will find a strange collection of birds but all we can say is that they are original and were made here. We have seen the shark and spider used on quite a few web pages.
The wasps were made for a special website we created and not many people actually use them, wonder why?