All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated gifs that have nowhere else to live

A strange assortment of animated gifs including Ban Fox hunting

dave with helmet onA collection of animations I have not found a place for. The expression bees around the honey pot comes to mind with the jam jar. I had already made an animation of a bee so we thought I would use it in something a little more difficult. The bees were created in a block which could then rotate around the jar in true 3D.
The "I'm sorry" is on this page cos we are, for uploading such a strange load of stuff that is not worth a animated turdbutton.
I have also added a couple of animations featuring my face, the strange bloke with the leather flying helmet is me and the animation with a growing nose is just how I look now that I have retired and do not have to worry too much about personal hygiene. I made the animated toilet with the message on the seat and the turd with flies for a reason but I cannot remember why, someone may have a use for them.

whoopsie toilet
Dave big nose
jam jar and bees
Not worth a button animation
Ban fox hunting
acorn and mushroom

Flip Flop Dot

flip flop dotDot is part of Sevenoaks Art and is well known for wearing her flip flops all year round.
If you are ever in Borough Green and see someone trundling up the road in flip flops and snow is on the ground you would have seen Flip Flop Dot. She has a whole range of designer flip flops for formal wear, casual wear and even steel toe caps for use on the building site or giving someone a good kicking.

On some of the Google forums I'm known as Acorn, I made the animation with the toadstool when someone nicked one of my shoes. There is no doubt about it, I live a strange virtual existence on the internet, it's a world of my own, but people are welcome to share it with me.