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I'm Angry animated gifs

I never go near Dot when she is preparing fruit in the kitchen

Angry fruitThe inspiration for these animations is my wife Dot. She has a very short fuse at times but who can blame her if she has to put up with me. She never uses hurtful words but she is not past picking up the frying pan and belting me around the ear ole if I upset her.
It was her words, which I cannot repeat, that she said to me when I crept up behind her as she was preparing fruit in the kitchen that gave me the idea to make the animated gif on the left. It was no good just making one for this page so I made a few more, they could come in handy.

Angry monkey   Keep calm - no anger   Angry Smiley
Angry monkey   Keep calm. no need for anger   One very angry smiley
Do Daleks get angry?   Keep calm no anger   I'm angry billboard
A very mad dalek
  The famous keep calm poster   Let them know

Some people turn Green when they are angry

Angry AcornMy Google forum name is Acorn so I thought I would add an animation of myself and what I'm like when I'm angry, I turn Green and resemble a miniature Hulk so It is very wise to behave yourself when I'm about.

All the gif animations are free and you can use them for blogs and webpages but do not add to other online collections of animations.