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Angels, fairies and Gnomes gif animations

Angels, fairies, gnomes and very strange Acorn people

Animated angelWe have six Victorian style angels ( Click links above) as the sample on this page and the naughty angels are all male and doing things that angels really should not be doing.
I have updated the fairy page and added a few more fairies, it could still do with a few more. I have created my gnome help page with some gnomes doing household chores. Nothing to do with the National Elf service
I haves many sketchup models in the Google sketchup warehouse and I use the nickname of Acorn. Since I started using this name it was only natural that I should make some Acorn people and you find them freely scattered all over this website. The acorn people linked to here are just a small example and can be used much like a smiley, except they are green and not yellow and have little arms and legs. We have seen many websites that have used our sweet angel gif animations and we are always very pleased when people use any of our creations. . The naughty angels was one of my first creations and a motley crew of angels they are. Do not expect to see sweet nicely dressed angels on that page. This link page has been created to help with easy navigation, our old website design had just one central menu page that you would have to return to to see a menu so I hope you will find what you are looking for a lot easier. Since we started this website over ten years ago we have been trying to improve on everything and like to think that we have achieved this although we never stop looking at other ways to make your browsing experience a little better.