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Animated Angel Fish.

Angel fish, a cichlid

A very good parent in caring for its fry. I was told that any fish (or animal) with vertical stripes was a danger to other fish and the angel fish I kept certainly has a liking for eating small fish that you may have in your fish tank. You could go as far as calling them predators. Keep them in a tank with larger specimens and they look truly beautiful and can really set off your fish tank. Imagine them with a lush growth of plants in the background and a soft light and you have a masterpiece of serenity

Angel fish large
Angel fish aquarium
Animated angel fish
spinning angel fish cube
Pair of Angel fish
American Alphabet
small angel fish
aglefish credit card

I could not always keep this fish

I always struggled to keep fit specimens of this truly majestic fish. I Got a good telling off from Dot for breading baby guppies, at one time I had hundreds of them, and feeding them to the Angels. I have used these angel fish in several animations and the credit card is one example. These animations look very good when placed in Flash Aquarium with a green plant background, similar to the angel fish in the top row, but unlike an animated gif, Flash animations do not grow greatly in file size if you add several to the movie so you could an aquarium with several fish in.