All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D Animated angels

They took a long time to make..

A very complicated 3D animation to make. Each part of the angel was created in 3D software, and that took many hours. Rotation points had to be added to key components like the wings, arms and head and at the same time the halo had to be moved in a certain direction. In Artlantis the face, wings and dress fabric had to be carefully placed and then the whole thing animated in several frames. I find the end result pleasing and have seen these animated angels on quite a few blogs and websites, it's always nice to know that someone somewhere likes my work enough to use them.

Animated angel with moving halo
Animated angel reading book
Animated angel blowing trumpet
Animated angel playing harp
Angel with doves animation
angel with flowers
angel rose angelfish heart teddy locket angel sweet gnome fairy bells

Angels with a Victorian look.

They have a slight Victorian look about them , once the 3D model was made it did not take too long to make more similar animations, I had to make the harp and the birds but the rather complicated flower basket was already in my library of 3D objects. The Sevenoaksart collection of CAD models is steadily growing which in turn allows me to make many different versions of animations like these angels.

All created by created by Sevenoaksart. Dot's idea of course, it is not the sort of thing I would normally consider drawing and I get a lot of stick from friends who are only too keen to point me out to other people as the man who draws animates angels and fairies. Of course you can always have my idea of an angel made a few years, ago and using a totally different technique.