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Free 3D American football gifs

A strange collection of animations

American AcornAs an old English bloke my knowledge of American Football is not very good. I have seen it on films and TV programs but have never visited the USA to experience it first hand. My son Colin used to play rugby which is probably similar except that American footballers seem to wear a lot of protection. Colin loved rugby as he always saw it as an excuse for a little legal violence. As my work is mainly constructing 3D models of unanimated objects I have yet to make an animated player. This may happen one day because I'm looking at alternative 3D modelling software that will make such a football animations easier.

David Cameron
Barrack Obama
American football helmet
Fotball spinning
football badge
animated fotball helmet
animated football ball zoom
football helmet animation

You may have not come to this page in a direct route

A few free American football animations made by an Englishman. I have been told that Americans searching for football animations have come across our English football gifs and that I should call them soccer gifs. You may have come to this page by a round about method but we hope it was worth it. Original American football animated gifs made by Dot and Dave for use on your blogs, presentations and web sites