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How to modify animated gifs - make an original creation

No copyright so you can modify our stuff

We have done the hard work and created our animations in several programs so it is easy to modify animated gifs from our web site using Jasc Animation shop or any other animated gif editing program. Take a look around our site and you will see that the results from this program are pretty good. We have no objection to our work being modified and even have examples of how to modify animations using Animation Shop, a program that does not cost a small fortune and is very easy to use. The animation package that comes with the old Paint Shop Pro does work in Windows 7 but is slightly temperamental.

Preparation work

A lot of preparation work for our animations was done in Jasc Paint Shop Pro that will work with Windows 7, we still have the old version and have found it easy to use and in our opinion gives the same results that the more expensive and difficult to use programs do. It can be used to do a multitude of things to photographs and images. Many of our relations have brought us scratched and faded black and white photographs and we have managed to scan them and then produce a much better and clearer photograph. You can change the colours, reverse and mirror images, add overlay images and it has a wonderful selection of special effects, many that we have used when producing some of the animations on this website

We are not the brightest of people and all our software is comparatively easy to use but we honestly have to say that Corel is the easiest one.

ClownfishClick on Clown fish for instructions on modifying clown fish animation and inserting a name of your choice instead of Dave and a few more tutorials as well

Since I have written this page things have moved on and although Jasc animation shop is still available (It looks like you can get it free) I have found an excellent online animation editor that is so easy to use. You may not be able to make the clown fish animation with it but you can certainly do a lot of things like making animations smaller, combining animations and even adding text. Information available here