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Letters of the Alphabet animations

Have fun making up words and logos with these animated alphabets.

Use these to make your own animated name - they work best if combined in one single gif . Find out how to make them online Here. Once you have downloaded the letter you can make any name you want quickly and very easily.
I have, on this website, used these alphabets to make some interesting animations, or even added animated text to an existing graphic. There is no reason you cannot do something similar.
Over the years I have found the teddy bear alphabet to be the favourite, some unscrupulous people have even added this alphabet to their online collections because they could not make their own. If you want to see more animated teddy bears take a look at the Teddy Bear page.

heart alphabet Christmas alphabet Teddy Alphabet
Heart Christmas Teddy Bear
warp button butterfly alphabet snowflake alphabet
Warp button Butterfly Snowflake
Canada Alphabet Quebec Alphabet Tiger brick alphabet
Canada Quebec Toy Bricks
USA alphabet Union Jack Alphabet acorn
USA Union Jack Animated acorn

I'm ChuffedAll these animated alphabets are downloadable as a zip file but you will need some software to be able to construct your words. I have used Jasc animation shop but have found an online image editor that will allow you to build up your sigs and names quite easily.

I like to feel that I have done the hard work for you and are proud that many people have used these alphabets to make some very good animations. This selection was made a couple of years ago and I have retired so will soon make a few more of these 3D animated alphabets. They take a lot of time and resources and must be one of the most boring things to make although the end results can be quite fantastic when the letters are combined to make a name.

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