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Adsense help, facts, funny animations and advice

Sevenoaksart uses Adsense and recommends it to monetize your website
It is very simple to set up and Adsense seems to be the ideal partner for the small publisher. You can have neat little contextual adds that relate to the content on your site or you can use text link ads that take up very little space and you can customise them to match in with the colours of your pages. You also have the option to add image ads and on many sites this can be a very good earner.

You find many adverts on the secrets of how to make money with Adsense information, and selling "made for Adsense" web pages. Our advice is to leave these well alone. Made for Adsense web pages stand a very good chance of having their account disabled.

A good start is to visit the Google Adsense Help forum read the Help articles and really study the Google Adsense programme policies. I know that most of us skip things like Terms and Conditions when signing up for anything but with Adsense if you make one mistake with your Adsense set up you could end up with a disabled account and it is an almost impossible task to get your account back. Google are very unforgiving.

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Adsense SantaThe simple answer is that web pages should have good content and plenty of visitors.
Do not make the common mistake of setting up a web page with content copied from the web, people will probably have seen this content before and Google will probably disable your account just before you reach the 100 dollar mark. (They will pay you once you have accumulated this amount)
If you have a unique and interesting web site that will not suffer from competitors adverts like an information website or even like Sevenoaks Art, Adsense could be the thing for you.
Unless you have thousands of page views a day do not expect to earn a lot but as this website is just a hobby any extra money is a bonus and pays for web hosting and other computer expenses

Google blogs can have Adsense added to them once you have approval and very little html knowledge is needed.
If you have a free web page or social networking page you should check if Adsense is allowed.

Once you have signed up with Adsense it is a simple matter of configuring the code on the Adsense website and then just copying and pasting into your website.