All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Some unusual animated gifs

Is this modern art?

metal cubes animatedNow this was an interesting experiment making these abstract animations. I drew some some different shaped solids in the CAD package, added rotation points to them and rotated them in impossible directions. When I rendered them I added a high reflection effect by using a photograph as a background image and making it an alpha channel which I removed after the frames were rendered. This is the end result with some very unusual effects, in fact if you make them smaller they can be used a bullets to put at the beginning of a paragraph as I have done. I think something like this would look good on a textured background, something you can do with these abstract animations because they have a transparent background.

golden balls
Metal cubes animated
febrass rings
more golden balls animated
Abstarct shapes
animated male cube
abstract animated globe
red green blue yellow abstract animation
greyscale animated globe

I have been experimenting

Abtract cubeI have no doubt that I will experiment a little more with this type of abstract animation because they are fairly easy to make and I do like the finished effect. The middle animation is a typical contemporary ornament you may expect to find these days, I have just animated it. The bottom row abstract animations were created by mistake and were not the intended result but I do like them. What are you going to use these for, I'm sure they would look just great on a modern webpage.