All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Trees and pot plants.

Tree animations - some made from sketchup models

animated leavesAnother experiment, animated trees and plants, I made the flower pot first but did not put any texture on the leaves, it looked very ordinary, I then improved it by adding a leaf texture, it is a passable plant animation now. The tree may look simple but each branch and leaf was drawn separately and it is a true 3D animation that took hours to make. Now the palm tree I'm well pleased with, the basic model is just a tree trunk with curved flat solid rectangles for the leaves. A palm tree leaf photograph was rendered onto each rectangle and a transparent background was used. Not too much work and yet a nice Palm tree was produced. I love to experiment .If you are looking for animated leaves like the ones we have here we have a nice range of Summer and Autumn leaves available on our animated leaves page.

animated potplant
animated palm tree
Plant pot round
guppy swimming around plant
animated tree
clownfish and plant
Plant animated
big animated tree
Wheel barrow with plants

Even animated aquatic plants with fish

Some of the models for these trees have been made in Google Sketchup and are in our Sketchup collection.
I thought it would be fun to animate them and they might just have a use on someone's gardening or horticultural blog or website. You will find the aquatic plants in our tropical fish selection. I like these animations and thought it would be a good idea to show them off here as well.
The petunia plant in the wheel barrow is an animation that you can find in our flower collection, a bigger version is available.