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Proud to be Slovakian and don't they look smart.

donut animationSlovakia, a country that seems t have so many countries on its borders. It has the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary for neighbours. It is a mountainous country and it must have some breathtaking scenic views. The average temperatures seem to be a lot colder than those that we have in England. The Teddy bear animation was yet another one that was requested, in fact many of the proud bears were originally requested with myself making some for some of the bigger and better know countries. We still get an occasional request for a particular nationality Teddy bear but our collection seems to be pretty good now. Still, if we have not got that animation just let us know.

Slovakian teddy
Scottish animated flag
Animated monkey from Slovakia

Slovakian Teddy and monkey, they have a very strong personality and a lot of will power so be firm with them if you adopt one. Another bright and cheerful animation. Especially made by Dave for you to use on your presentations or even add to an email signature. The possibilities are endless