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Free clocks and watches. Gif animations

These clocks never tell the right time but may still be of use.

An updated collection of time pieces. The bottom row has our latest creations and we have improved slightly on the watch and alarm clock animations and then added something totally new, a spinning apple and bluebird clock animation. The apple clock is especially for people who want to go back in time. We had made Flash animated clocks that actually told the correct time but because they were were very easy to hotlink to we had to remove them.

watch gif
alarm clock animation
carriage clock animation
animated alarm clock
Alarm Clock
Carriage Clock
Time to get up
apple clock
spinning watch
spinning alarm clock
bird clock
Fruity clock
Digital watch
Alarm Clock
Time flies by


Clocks and watches, old animations that have now been updated

Clocks, watches and alarm clocks. These animated gifs must be some of our oldest work we have on this site and we have updated them once, made them bigger, more detailed and added a transparent background. There has been many hours, if not days of work that has gone into this little collection, the watch is a replica of one that I keep for best, the carriage clock was made for a work project , the alarm clock was Dot's idea, although I do not need one now that I am retired. I think the animated apple and walking blue chick clocks work well and are really unusual because I have combined two separate animations into one, something that is possible with a lot of my work if you have animation editing software. The original clock models took some time to make and are actual three dimensional drawings. These 3D drawings have only been used on this web page so far but if you want to modify anything or add a different background ( easy because our backgrounds are transparent ) feel free to do so.
Download to a file on your hard drive and have fun with our stuff.