All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Naughty Santa animations.

Santa Claus is only human after all, he needs to have fun sometimes.

Santa likes pussies
sexy santaIts handy, I built one 3d model of Santa and then I'm able to use him in different naughty positions. I had already made the balloons and many of the extras so most of these animations were easy to create for this page. It does mean that there is a possibility that more Father Christmas doing naughty things could be added at a later date. Any ideas?

Its strange to think that of all my animations the father Christmas sitting on the chimney has caused the most controversy and when he has been included in our Christmas header some people I freely advertise for have demanded that I remove him. I have removed the advertising as my rude Santa animation has a special place in my heart, this animation must be 12 years old now and still going strong

Santa having fun Poopy Santa Claus Santa having a pee in the Artic
Boozy Santa Claus Father Christmas, chimney and snow Santa in Christmas card

Merry Christmas to all our visitors, get drunk and be very happy

Enjoy my animations and have a Merry Christmas, I will never say Happy Holidays as many people in the UK would want us to say. Sadly I cannot make Santa doing some of the naughty things that some of you have suggested, what are some of you people like.

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