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Second World War Two Spitfire 3D graphic

Frank Stanford and his collection of WW2 model aircraft

A few years back Frank Stanford, a very good friend had converted his front garden into a second world war RAF memorial and had made many aircraft models that he displayed as the photograph below illustrates. A lot of work and attention went into each model and I am very pleased to say that he made me a spitfire model that I proudly display in my study. Of course this gave me the inspiration to create a CAD model of a Spitfire and the graphics on this page are the results. Once again we used the reflection on the ground, we loved doing things like that when we originally made it.

3d spitfireEarly every morning rain or shine Frank would come out into his garden ( See photograph below ) and place his collection of World War2 aircraft on top of the display poles. The flags would then be hoisted and you had a brilliant display as the photograph illustrates. He would have visitors from all over the world and he would often enthusiastically tell me about them, many off them having been pilots in the Second World war. Even the local tear away teenagers seemed to respect Frank and his collection as he had very little trouble from them. Eventually Old age got the better of him and he was unable to to continue his daily ritual so he gave most of his collection to the Shoreham aircraft museum

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Franks house

The outside of Frank's house

RAF Memorial

Model aircraft and posters that Frank made