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Free animated spiders, 3D gifs

Over the years we have improved our spiders

spider smallA few years back I was very flattered that a research establishment that investigated peoples fear of spiders asked if they use the first animation to show to people who were afraid of them and monitor their reactions.
These animations are not everyone's cup of tea but to my mind spiders do a good job of keeping the insect population down and we will never ever kill one. A very difficult model to animate and to make it look realistic. The attacking spider is one of our latest creations so you will probably notice the improvement in our technique. The little money spider crawling all over this text is a 120 frame animation but only 35kb in size and I have placed it into an AP div . You will need to catch him first before you can right click and save picture as to your computer.

animated money spider

Although I have made the cobwebs I have not as yet made the classic spider dangling from the web animation, now I have a little more time on my hands this could become a reality.
i try to update and improve every graphic on this site as time goes by.

animated spider
spinning spider
running spider animation
animated spider web
attacking spider animation
animated male cube

These spiders can work well if used in a Flash animation.

banana spiderThe top left spider works well if placed into a Flash movie as it can be made to run across the screen. I have actually made it run across the text on a webpage because the animation has a transparent background. When I was younger I had a very good friend who was arm wrestling champion of the local pubs. One day while working with him I discovered he had a fear of spiders so later on I caught one, held it in my left hand and then offered him an arm wrestle. As we got down to business I opened my left hand , he yelled out in fear and I slammed down his right hand to win the match. Devious yes, but it was the only time I ever beat him.

spider and webHere is an amazing example if how my animations can be used to create bigger and better animations. The spider on the web was created by Russ Lading, a very good friend that I have made on Google+.
He has made a much bigger example, it would take up a lot of my bandwidth here buy if you want a bigger version take a look at his Google+ post with the original animation.

Click here for the bigger version

You can download the animation by right clicking on it.

spider1 bee spider2 mosquito spider3 scarab spider web blue bottle Lady bug wasp