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A collection of rose animations.

I have been making roses for years now.

spinning red rose animationThese animated red roses have been with us since day one many years ago. The animations have been improved but I still use the same 3D models, they are time consuming to make and although I now see room for improvement I have not got round to it yet. All the animations are constantly getting my attention so that they can only get better every day. Its a big learning curve on my part. The spinning rose in particular is worth downloading and I have even made it Google Sketchup model so that you manipulate it and make a gif or jpeg of a rose seen from any position. Sketchup is a free 3D modelling program that you can download from Google and we have had a lot of fun with it.

red roses and candle animation
animated red rose
yellow roses and candle animation
yellow roses and lantern animation
rose and engagement ring
red roses and lantern animation

My techniques have not changed when making roses

The lantern and roses is an adaptation of other work on this page using the same 3D model.. I used the same technique of using several different lighting setting when rendering the model and then simply changing the colour of the roses. I then masked each frame of the animation to produce a rather unusual circular animation with a transparent background suitable for most colour web page backgrounds. If you have the 3D model an animation is comparatively quick to make in this way

The spinning red rose has been used in many other animations that I have created over the years.

The rose was constructed petal by petal and each one carefully placed into position onto a carefully curved stem. The leaves have a serrated edge and have been rendered with a photo of a rose leaf.

Rose and Bee This page has a rose and bee animation and some bees that can be placed over a rose background