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Animated Cogs, Keys, Pot and Handcuffs

I just love making animated cogs, nothing gives a better sense of motion

brass key animationA selection of mechanical and moving metal bits. My first attempt at making spinning cogs was a disaster because the animation gave the impression that the cogs were moving backwards and forwards and not spinning. Until recently the animations had a white background because when I first started I was not aware that a transparent background was possible, I now know differently and think that I have modified all animations to have a transparent background. These metal bits, keys, saucepans etc are models that I have created at some time or the other and have been made into animation. Some were particularly requested or suggested. The pair of handcuffs was one such request and they have come in handy in several of our animations but why they were first requested is still a mystery to us.

Cogs animations
animated cog
Three cogs animation
animated pot
animated key
animated handcuffs
cog animation left
worm and cogs
 3 animated cogs

Why animate old metal bits like keys or pots?

The old key was made like the one I had when we rented an old stone house in a remote village up in the hills of Cyprus.
I thought it was so unusual that I took a photograph of it and made an animation from it. It was quite a big key and when we went out I had to keep it in my pocket, most of the time I was walking about with my shorts down round my ankles .Can you imagine if someone really wanted to break into that house how easy it would have been to pick that lock with such a basic key being used. The pot was made for a CAD kitchen program and I just had to have a go at giving it a realistic reflection effect. The animated cogs selection was made a long time ago and one website has been using one of my cog animations for many years.