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Animated Kit car and 3D graphic

One of my first attempts at building a 3D model

animated kit carSince the early days of constructing 3D models we have learnt a lot and have improved on building any models with curved surfaces. This Kit car has a few problems with some of the curves but when used as small animation it does not show. We have learned a lot since these early graphics but even so we feel that these animations and graphics are still very presentable. You may not have much of a use for them but seeing as we made them we like to show them off. This could be said for a lot of our work. The sketchup model is available and you can download the free Google sketchup program to view and export it in any elevation that you need.
It probably took us a couple of days to build but now we have discovered the technique and best practices in the software program we could make it a lot quicker.

3d kit carAt the time we built it we were fascinated by the different reflection effects you could get, sadly this sort of effect does not export to a small gif animation that well and if you make an animation bigger to get more of this detail the file size gets too big and you end up with an animation that takes for ever and a day to download.
We could so easily gone in the direction of making photorealistic graphics, they are very interesting to make and to try and get the many realistic effects like this instead of animations but I blame it on the two American housewives who suggested that I should try and make animated gifs many years ago as they considered them far more interesting