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Free animated insects, original 3D animated gifs

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animated bluebottle flyThese are the first butterflies I made many years ago... take a look at my latest effort in special butterflies. they are much better and we have quitebugs and creepy crawlies a collection of them. I have improved the spiders and the spinning insects are pretty good as well. These little insect animations look good on a web page if a photo background or image of some sort is used in a table like this example and not too difficult to achieve. I have also used them in Flash animations and the finished effect can be very good. I have seen some very tiny insect animations with a transparent background that actual make it look like a flea sized bug is crawling over your computer screen. I may just have a go at making some like this when we have the time. This has got to be one of our craziest pages on this site. So much going on with all these animated insects that it makes you feel just a little dizzy. It helps if you close one eye while looking at all this activity :0)

If you want insects and bugs on your blog or website help yourself.

animated butterfly
butterfly animation
butterfly animated gif
animated lady bug
animated bee
blue bottle animation


Example of a bee animation superimposed onto a photograph

bee on sunflower

The animation on the left is a photograph of a sunflower in my garden and I have planted the animation of a bee onto it. This is just one example of how my animations can be used. The opportunities are limitless to create some realist looking animated photographs

Butterflies, ladybugs, bluebottle flies and bees are not the only insect animations that I make.

I have a comprehensive selection of other animated gifs and on the links below are some more butterflies, spiders and bugs and I'm continually making more and adding them to these pages as time goes by.