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Dr Who animations

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Hot Cross bunThese Dr Who gif animations are suitable for a black background only - more Dr Who gif animations with transparent backgrounds are available by clicking the links at the bottom of this page. The bottom six are some of my first animations and over ten year old (Apart from the Cyberman) You will find better and later animations on some of our other pages including some very threatening looking Daleks and Cybermen

ood animation from Dr Who
silurian animation
Sontaran animation
Dr Who logo old style
disco dalek
Tiny dalek

This collection includes a modern Cyberman, and old style Dr Who logo, a disco dancing dalek. the Tardis and Davros. The Silurian, Ood and Sontaran is an experiment in rotating 3D faces, it seems to work well with aliens.

I have watched Dr Who from a very early age when William Hartnell played Dr Who. Just who was the best doctor? So many people have different opinions but I would go for Tom Baker or William Hartnell. This is just my humble little accolade for a tremendous series that just gets better and better. Long live Dr Who and may he regenerate often. I will have to make new animations every time he does