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Proud to be South African and what a lovely uniform

animated cogWe like to stay in a little village called Lysos which is up in the hills of Cyprus. Many years ago when there was little work in Cyprus many of the young members of this village emigrated to South Africa for a better life style. That included a lot of relations of my very good friend Petros who now lives in Nicosia. After a good many years when things got better in Cyprus a lot of the South African Cypriots got home sick and returned to the village. I found this out because as we wandered around the village we would often hear this strange Cypriot accent that had a very definite South African twang about it and I could not but ask why this was the case. It was a coincidence that Petros had relations in the village and he has a true Cypriot accent.

SouthAfrican Teddy bear
Animated flag of Pakistan
Animated monkey from South Africa

South African Teddy and monkey Knows what they want and nearly always gets it. They will look after you.

I have had the pleasure, and sometimes the displeasure of meeting quite a few South Africans. When I was working I used to work in close conjunction with a Bill from South Africa who was our IT man and would assist me with all computer and server configurations, he was one man who really knew his stuff.