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Proud to be from Quebec. They look good in blue.

animated blue buttonIt's unusual for us to have proud teddies and monkeys from some of the Canadian provinces but the Teddy bear was requested. We always try help if any requests are made and this particular flag certainly looks good on our animations. Quebec has a predominately French speaking population so our teddies and monkeys have been having some French lessons to become better companions on your blogs and websites. Another reason we have these Quebec animations is the fact that Quebec is the largest province in Canada, that means quite a lot of people may have a use for for them.

Quebec Teddy Bear
Animated Quebec flag
Animated monkey from Quebec

Quebec teddy and monkey, very business like, they like the good life so treat them well.
We are not limited to making Teddy bears and monkeys, in fact we have made just about anything you can think of and our collection is continually growing as we add more animations each week. This has been going on for over ten years so it is understandable when we say that we have a good selection of graphics.