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A list of Jasc animation shop tutorials available here

So many people have asked for permission and how to modify my animations that I have made a few Jasc animation shop tutorials that I hope will assist in making your own personal animations.
Please note.. these tutorials were written some time ago specifically for Paint Shop Pro 8. Corel have now taken it over
updated it and we do not know if these tutorials will work in these updated versions.
Modifications can still be done using Jasc Animation Shop
Most of the Paint shop pro tutorials are a "work around" answer as I make them in other software but they seem to work well.
Your comments criticism and feedback are welcome.

Tutorials Available are

Why not add our animations over a nice background image

You can also modify any of the animations that are on this website. You do not necessarily need PSP as any animation editing software will work, or you can use an online image editor.. It is possible to crop. re size and best of all, add a graphic as a background to nearly all our animations as they have been made with a transparent backgrounds. So often we see our work improved by some of the very talented and imaginative people out there.