All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Proud to be from Norway animated teddy bear & monkey

animated appleHere are the Norwegian teddy bear and monkey animations. They are not the Viking raiders like we had in the British Isles many hundreds of years ago but some peace loving and friendly little animals. They are obviously very proud to be showing off the Norwegian flag and can be used on your webpages and blogs and even added to forum postings. If you are looking for some other object rendered with a Norwegian flag we may be able to help you. Our website has many 3d objects and adding the flag to some of them is comparatively easy.

animated teddy bear
animated flag of Norway
Monkey from Norway

A special teddy and monkey proud to be Norwegian. Just look at the bright colours on their waistcoats and they just love showing them off. They will never stop moving and will so happy to be on your page. Norwegian Teddy and monkey, keep an eye on them as they might get in the garden and cut down your trees.