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Proud to be from New Zealand animated gifs

animated butterflyNew Zealand, a country that has many Europeans and that is half way across the world from Sevenoaks Art in the UK. Situated in the Pacific Ocean and in a fairly remote location. It has a unique collection of animal and plant life. It has a mild climate and some wonderful landscapes. Let us not forget the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks, their record of winning three quarters of all games played is something to be truly proud of. Our monkeys and Teddy bears are not rugby players but we like to think that they are lovable little characters that you would want to add to your web pages

New Zealand animated teddy bear
New Zealand animated flag
Monkey from New Zealand

New Zealand Teddy and monkey, what layed back characters they are, they love BBQ's and sitting in the sun. Maybe they will meet our mate Colin who moved there in the hope of achieving a much better life style for his wife and two boys,