All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated guitars. Fenders and Acoustic

A lot of work constructing these guitars but the end result is good.

animated CDA few years back I was approached by Stan Laundon, an ex BBC presenter and musician and asked if I could make a Fender animated Guitar. This is how the collection started and we have customized a few for people as well. Being a CAD draughtsman this sort of work is not to difficult but creating an interesting animation from something like this is a little restrictive so we have stuck with the traditional rotating. Sadly as much as I would love to be a musician the ability is not there. My mother tried to teach me to play the piano but eventually gave up in despair. I suppose I'm lucky to have artistic abilities and cannot expect to have everything. My daughter took to music lesson very easily and became an accomplished flautist, she really laughs when I try to get a tune out of it, terrible instrument to try to play.

animated guitar
union jack fender guitar
guitar fender animation
acoustic guitar animation
slide  bottle blues guitar
electric guitar animation
  • On the top row left to right we have a Fender Telecaster, a customized Telecaster and a red Stratocaster.
  • Bottom tom row simple acoustic guitar, a slide bottle blues guitar and an electric guitar. We have no animated amplifiers yet.
Slide bottle blues guitar confederate flag guitar drum Elvis playing a guitar fender guitar with union jack guitar yellow electric guitar Horn monkey playing guitar bugle

Customized Fender guitars can be seen by clicking the link at the bottom

A few years back I worked with a crazy geezer called Tommy tightpants Fry. A very good musician, singer, drummer and artist and every day was either one big laugh or one big argument. He was the sort of person you could not help like. He always made me laugh and often I wanted to cry but one thing for sure is that I do miss him now he has moved on. He gave me the inspiration to make the acoustic guitar animations including the slide bottle blues guitar, something I had never heard of. The bottom row of animations are in need of a little tender love, attention and improvement, they are quite old and were made in the days of the 56k modem so I used to keep the file size down at the price of less detail.

Any Fender animation can be customized like the Union Jack Telecaster for a link back to Sevenoaks Art from your band website for a couple of bucks dropped into my donate bin.

Customized guitars