All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated money, bells, jewelry, cogs and door knockers

A strange collection of animations, like most things on this site.

Animated perfumeWe have animated the Pound Sterling, dollars and cents and the Euro. The paper money waves like a flag and the coins spin realistically . We like giving away money but like our credit card animations you cannot use them to buy anything.
The doors and knockers page has a couple of opening door animations that you can use to put over an image background on your webpage so that they look like they open to display the scenery outside. The door knocker was just a little fun and we used one of our Sketchup models for that ( We have many free models available in the Sketchup warehouse ).
The cogs were some of our original animation and one site that put them on their webpage is still using them ten years later. This page also includes some animated keys, pots and handcuffs. We have categorized these as metal animations. The jewelry has a small selection including a crucifix, rings, Saint Christopher, gold cross and a couple of rings. We have an unusual collection of animated gifs on this page, they are all free and can be used in any way you think fit except adding to another website just displaying animations collected from other websites.

The perfume is our own special brand called 3D