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Free 3D Law animations - Who called the police?

Animations for the Lawyer maybe

animated buttonI have very little to do with any sort of legal matters, I have set up my will, arranged a mortgage but very little else apart from claiming compensation from Tesco the supermarket. I go shopping once a week, normally on a Saturday. After checking out Dot slipped on some cleaning liquid left on the floor by the cleaners. She landed on her back and really cracked her head on the floor. An ambulance was called, the shopping put into store, and when she arrived at hospital she was X-rayed and thoroughly examined. A few hours later on our return home Dot wanted to collect her shopping. Guess what , they had lost it. After 20 minutes waiting I asked if they could deliver but was told that they had no delivery service. I insisted that they would and left. Had they been a little more helpful, and not lost our shopping we would not have claimed for anything. It took a year to sort out but we had a good solicitor. Make the most of my free Law animations and use them as you think fit.

wot no subpoena
scales of law
animated gavel
watch out police about
police car cube
keep on the right side of the law

Wot is Chad doing here with a lawyer's wig on

I have added one of o my favourite animations, the "Chad" Wot No graphic, only this time I added a wig to him. The scales of law and gavel are self explanatory and I had a little fun with the police hat and handcuffs, made using one of my latest techniques. The cube animation with the police car is an easy one to make and you will find quite a few examples on this website.