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Animated mugs with a jar of coffee and cups thrown in.

Animated coffee mugs

pooh mugIn the UK and especially within my group of friends to be called a mug is a common expression and some people refer to me as one because I spend hours making these animations for other people to use. They say that I get very little in return. They are wrong of course, I may not get a financial return but the fun I get from making these animations and the buzz I get when I see them used on other websites is payment enough.
I have added some Guinness in a mug, not the acceptable way to drink the stuff but it still tastes as good, animated coffee mugs and a jar with a coffee bean background using a different technique that does not leave a halo around the animated object, we try to improve our web pages and add more content as times goes by.

I'm a mug animation
you're a mug
everyone is a mug
animated coffee jar
Guinness mug
animated mug with beans
swinging mug
witch mug

Are you a mug

Mug.. Believed to come from the Romany for simpleton or fool. Other definitions Stupid, gullible, dupe.
A mugs game. Unprofitable activities... be taken for a mug ... very gullible. Another, maybe better known meaning of Mug, is your face, like in a mug shot taken by the police to identify you.

The bottom row is my latest effort, OK I have added some cups as well but I thought I would use an existing model I had already made and had not used on this website